Jail Guards Foil Shabu In ‘Torta’

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Medic Mike

A 40-year-old inmate of the Cebu provincial jail who was returning from a court date in Argao town was caught trying to smuggle in shabu in a traditional pastry.

Jail guards who frisked him found two small packs suspected to contain shabu stuffed between two pieces of torta, a sponge cake that is a delicacy in Argao town, where the hearing was held.

The inmate,Norlin Suico, denied ownership of the contraband.

Suico underwent a routine inspection Tuesday afternoon when the shabu was discovered, said jail consultant Marco Toral.

Toral said they suspect that the drugs were given to the inmate when he met his family members for lunch.

He said that inmates who attend out of town court hearings are usually allowed to be accompanied by their relatives who bring along food. They are usually allowed to share a meal before an inmate is escorted back to the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center in Cebu City.

Returning inmates are frisked and inspected by jail security.

“They come to hearings because they want to be with their family. All we can do is subject these inmates to thorough inspection when they come back,” Toral said.

The contraband was sent to the police crime laboratory for testing.

Suico was placed in an isolation cell immediately after the discovery. He faces a possible charge of transporting illegal drugs.

“He’ll probably stay there for as long as six months,” Toral said.

Suico has been detained in CPDRC since 2011 in connection with a drug case.

Aside from illegal drugs, jail authorities also watch out for cellphones and other electronic devices which inmates sometimes try to sneak into the jail.

In Talisay City, a 40 year-old-woman was arrested for allegedly trying to bring illegal drugs into the Talisay City Jail.

Edna Murillos of barangay Pahina Central, Cebu City, appeared at the gate as she wanted to visit her boyfriend and a friend who are detained in the jail.

Jail officer Geraldine Calum said that Murillos was uneasy when she was frisking her.

The guard noticed an object attached to her right leg, but Murillos quickly took the object and swallowed what looked like three small packs of shabu, leaving behind a piece of tinfoil.

Police said they may file a charge of drug possession against Murillos, who was a former inmate who served a sentence for illegal recruitment. /


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