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What Cigarettes To Philippines As A Gift


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Thanks for good suggestions so far. I'm not sure this village, which has the same name as my fiancée's last name, is into latest hypes. Last time the road even wasn't drivable for our van, so we just hiked the last couple of miles by foot. Most people there seemed to smoke Marlboro or some local brand, so when the request specified "something different" I was certainly thinking more along the likes of Benson & Hedges in golden boxes or such. Well B&H is a UK brand but it's kano too, right? Is Camel widely available in Philippines? This is the first time when the greater family (= the entire village) will be meeting our son, so at least I won't be passing around cigars.

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I think in this case it is important to have a brand that comes in good looking boxes. 


UK brands have a different taste to the US ones - 555s are a sort of crossover taste - but UK cigs could be very popular I think.


Benson and Hedges in the gold box or Rothmans in the white and blue box? 


By the way I am 100% sure that the limit is TWO cartons - 400 "sticks" - because that is what HK Duty Free (who don't make mistakes, and who sell a lot to people going to the Philippines) allow you,  so you might get two different brands - maybe get a menthol brand for one - they are quite popular. 

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