First World Service Arrives In Cdo

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At Last PLDT have arrived in CDO with a vengance, this morning I now have an internet connection worthy of the name. The lap top I am using has its own issues and like me needs more and better memory, yet the PLDT increased speed at 3mbs has acted like a defib unit.Great satisfaction in taking back the Parasat modem this morning, with an I told you so comment, ie once a real company sets up here you will be history unless you improve, for 3 years they did not manage for me any single meaningful improvement. So now I get telephone and great internet at less than the cost of the old internet and telephone company.Now Parasat want to charge over 1000 pm for digital cable, yes will be canceling that as well once it is shown to be nothing that Manila does not provide at 450 pesos a month. All we now need is a genuine cable competitor.CDO where life is good and getting better, no wonder they do not like competition.Mike

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