An Early Valentines

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Sorry so early but I was feeling it, so here goes:


Ten Reasons Why I Fell In Love with My Asawa of 28 Years



1. From the first day I met you. Damn you are so MARIKIT!


2. You actually want to be with me, REALLY!


3. You sure do stink purdy.


4. I know it's my fault but you forgive me.


5. We know it's your fault but you forgive me anyway.


6. Your laughter makes me so happy I cry.


7. I'm actually not that stubborn/stupid and you realize that.


8. You like to be on top and so do I!


9. Ilong, Ilong, even though your panga!


10. Your smile, your eyes, your lips, your touch.


Mahal Kita Babae. Forever and ever.

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