Us Pays Philippines Over Uss Guardian Reef Damage

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Money for nothing. But it's one of those things.


Horrible manouver by the US ship as I recall.


The bigger picture under President Noy Noy Aquino (but not under Arroyo aka GMA) is the continued co-operation/joint military ventures between the 2 countries. Who knows how many US troops are here? A few thousand in a training and support roles? And then the use of Subic and Clark as refueling bases, without actually opening or reopening them.


Noy Noy had a meeting with Obama and enjoyed generally cordial relations. Getting hurricane relief among other things from US. Arroyo had several visits with an entourage to the USA to see Bush or Obama, I think it was Bush. Remember the $25,000 dinner in NYC? And Bush would not even see her one one on one, he sent a rep to meet her at 3 AM or something like that.


GMA's human rights record was not well viewed in the USA. Noy Noy does better and his mother was supported by the US earlier.


See's only $1.97 M and not sure how you repair a reef or if it would just regenerate over time. I think it's more on the big picture, demarking the co-operation between the 2 countries.

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It was a particularly stupid navigational error - full story here:

The USA acted rightly, particularly as a few months later a Chinese fishing vessel with several hundred pangolins - a protected species but of course a Chinese delicacy - on board went aground on the same reef. China has not paid...


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It was incredibly stupid and a blight on the USN. The parties have since been relieved of command and have been riding a desk pending other action (maybe discharge or forced retirement?).


It is funny how the rabble rousers (anti-US extremists) created a huge ruckus over this blunder but China never paid or were demonstrations about it...

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