Sicko Australian Arrested

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Another sicko arrested in the Philippines 


Australian arrested in Bukidnon for cybersex ops






CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY, Philippines (UPDATED) – Authorities arrested on Friday, February 20, an Australian national, who had allegedly been preying on children in this city and the neighboring province of Bukidnon for his cybersex operations.

Peter Scully was arrested in his rented house in barangay Violeta, Malaybalay City, after a 3-week stakeout by the authorities.
NBI Region 10 Director Angelito Magno said that Scully had been the subject of an international investigation on human trafficking after police investigators in the Netherlands found out about Scully’s activities. The Australian supposedly uploaded on the Internet videos of himself having sexual intercourse with young girls.
Czar Eric Nuqui, chief of AHTRAD, said that the NBI has been investigating Scully only this year following a tip from the Dutch police.
“We were not aware that Scully already has a pending case filed against him in Cagayan de Oro City in 2014,” Nuqui said.
Police Superintendent Alexander Tagum, Chief of CIDG Region 10, said that Scully is wanted for numerous cases of alleged human trafficking and child pornography in Cagayan de Oro City.
“We took notice of the standing warrant of arrest for Scully issued by Judge Jose Escobido of the Regional Trial court Branch 37 issued in November 2014,” Nuqui added.
Tagum said that the warrant stemmed from a case filed by two young girls who Scully is accused of sexually abusing.
Magno said that Scully has a standing warrant of arrest for sexually assaulting 7 girls, including a 1-year-old.
“He lures young girls into his house and gains their trust as he is broadcasting his activities on the Internet,” Magno said, adding that Scully "performs sexual acts according to his client’s instructions."
Nuqui said that Scully "found out that what he is doing is a lucrative business" and has "clients all over Europe."
Nuqui said that based on the evidence they've gathered on the Internet, some of the sexual assaults have caused injuries.
A Dutch police officer who refused to be identified told Rappler that his country was the one who tipped the Inter-Agency Council on Trafficking (IACAT).
International fugitive
Magno said that Scully entered the country in 2011 and has mostly been living around Cagayan de Oro City.
“Although he moves places, he is very dynamic in his movements,” he added. Magno added that Scully is a fugitive in Australia.
Why didn't anyone see the crimes? Magno said, "Crimes like these are hidden away in the most private part of the house and there are no visible signs."
Nuqui added that Scully told parents of the children that he would send them to school and invite them to his house for “feeding,” among other reasons.
Scully's gadgets were confiscated when he was arrested.
The NBI anti-cybercrime group also obtained digital copies of Scully’s alleged activities and added that they are also looking into the culpability of the parents of the victims.
“We are still widening our investigation on the extent of Scully’s crime and operation, if he has gained any assistance here in the perpetration of his crimes,” Magno said.
Tagum said they are looking into the possibility that someone may have been colluding with Scully.
“We want to make sure that whoever is helping Scully will be arrested,” Tagum added.
Cybersex network
Interpol is leading the investigation to uncover the scale of Scully's network.
“There are numerous clients of Scully that are just as guilty as he is, for they are the one who directed Scully for their fantasies, they will be tracked by the authorities,” Nuqui said.
The Dutch police said that the crime Scully allegedly committed has no boundary and he is equally liable in each country.
Magno said that Scully will be detained in the headquarters of NBI Region 10 and will be arraigned here for numerous cases including human trafficking, violence against women and children, rape, illegal detention, the anti-cybercrime law among others."
Could Scully be extradited? Magno replied that there is, in fact, a standing extradition treaty entered between the Philippines and Australian governments.
“We need to look at the treaty but we want Scully to serve his time here,” Magno said.

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They got one.

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Disgusting low life, I am ashamed that he is Australian, filthy low life should be made serve his time in Phils, then deported for another length of incarceration in Australia, for whatever the warrant is, but you can back it in it is for the same types of offences, once a perve always a perve.

Secondary, perhaps the Phils need to do some work on thieir Criminal History Diivision cannot understand how he got under the rardar for previous indiscretions.

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filthy low life should be made serve his time in Phils, then deported for another length of incarceration in Australia


Thats usually how it is done. Once he serves time and is deported the law will be waiting for him here not only for crimes committed here but for sex crimes in the Philippines. I doubt if he will ever get out. 

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Lets hope not JGW, makes my skin crawl.  One victim 1 yr old, that made me feel sick.  I am embarassed on behalf of my country.

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More news about this sick idiot.  


Girl's remains found at former home of accused Australian pedophile in Philippines



The remains of a 12-year-old girl have been found at the former Philippines home of an Australian man who is facing charges of rape and cybercrime.


The body was found in a home Peter Gerald Scully, 51, once rented in Suriago City in the country's north.


The grim find was made just days after the Australian was arrested at another rented home in Malaybalay City and charged with sexually abusing girls and posting videos of sex acts online.


Scully is accused of luring young girls to his home with promises of an education and food and then forcing them into sex.


It is not known if the remains are believed to be an alleged victim of Scully.


Chief investigator Angelito Magno told online news site Rappler that Scully gains his victims’ trust "as he is broadcasting his activities on the internet".


He added Scully "performs sexual acts according to his client's instructions".


He is accused of abusing girls seven girls, including a one-year-old.


A Philippines woman described as Scully's former partner reportedly told police that he had accidentally killed one of his victims in 2013.


The 51-year-old, who has lived in the Philippines since 2011, was under investigation for online pornographic activities after he was tracked by Dutch authorities.


Last year Scully was charged with human trafficking and child abuse but evaded capture.


Philippine authorities believe he is also facing sexual abuse charges in other countries.





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