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Scam alert: Sony Philippines warns vs fake seller


MANILA – Sony Philippines is warning the public against purchasing laptops from fake online sellers.


Sony said it has received numerous reports that a certain John B. de Leon has been using the company's name in selling Sony VAIO laptops online.


The firm said that the seller is posing as a Sales Coordinator Employee of Sony Philippines in his Facebook account, and instructs buyers to deposit payments through LBC, Western Union and/or Cebuana Lhuillier.


Despite paying, however, no laptops are delivered to the buyers.


“This is to warn the public that John B. de Leon is not an employee of Sony Philippines, Incorporated. Neither is he associated nor connected in any way with the company. He is not and has never been vested with authority to represent Sony Philippines, Incorporated in any kind of transactions. Thus any purchases so made to John B. de Leon shall be at the risk and cost of the concerned person(s),” Sony said.


Sony Philippines reminded the public that it only sells Sony products through official Sony Centers and its authorized dealers and online distributors.


The company does not sell via social network sites or to individual professionals, it added.


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The company does not sell via social network sites or to individual professionals


That is interesting to know but there are legitimate resellers who sell on line and by facebook. If the guy is lying on his Facebook account and they can prove it then Facebook has no hesitation about shutting him down, as I found out when someone reported me for using an alias on Facebook rather than my real name.

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