Filipino Passport For Our Daughter At Dfa Pampanga (Robinsons)

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Whitty's post:


Reminded us that we needed to get out daughter's Filipino passport or she would be travelling back into the Philippines on her U.S. passport as a tourist, like me!


We had a pleasant surprise at DFA Pampanga.  If you are getting a passport for a child 1 year old or less, no waiting in line!  Abby was in and out in 30 minutes!


The only problem is that the passport is not due back to us until May 13th, which puts a crimp in our travel plans.  Apparently May 13th is 30 working days from today, which is the standard service.  They do not have express services at Pampanga.


A tip for any Filipinos going there.  Most people arrive at the DFA there very early, before the mall opens, and wait in line for hours.  I now think that is a waste of time.  Arrive at 11 to 1 pm and the lines are gone.  Plenty of time to get things done in the afternoon.



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