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Borussia German Restaurant And Bakery


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Borussia German Restaurant and Bakery is located about 40 miles north of Cebu City just outside of Sogod town. The owner is a German who has a lovely restaurant located on park like grounds.

The food is mostly German with a few Filipino options.

We stopped by on a Sunday afternoon our way home from Bantyan Island. Our meal was fantastic with quality ingredients and well prepared.

Service was great, first thing off a waiter will position fans on your table as need. The chef was a younger German who was covering for the owner who returned to Germany for health care.

They also have a bakery and sell a mixture of European breads, rolls and pastry. I highly recommend this place some of the best German food I have had. 










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It is wonderful bread.  Got some great multi grain rolls for me and a European sweet bread the family loved.

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Just come back from Borussia, family outing for a birthday, 16 of us aged 1 to 75. It's especially nice to go there now, because you can just forget about Covid-19 for an hour or two - the staff don't wear masks or expect you to, and family members and friends don't have to sit one seat apart. Playground for children, and a swimming pool (though closed now because of Covid-19). Otherwise, I agree with the old posts on this, except the location - it's just north of Catmon. Hope people in the Cebu City/Mandaue/Consolacion area can, or will soon be able to, travel to Borussia!

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