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We have just purchased a plot in Dauin, Dumaguette.

I would like to get a contractor to drill a borehole so we can ensure decent water supply.


Does anyone know of a company in the area that does such work.

I'd like to drill, and line the hole so I can put a submersible pump down that I can run off solar pumping into an above ground storage tank.


Does anyone have recent prices for drilling?

I presume it is by meter (foot?) with some sort of garantee on finding water and a garanteed flow rate?


What are prices and terms / conditions that are being paid else where?


I want to drill before we do any building / planning to make sure we dont end up with a bore hole in the middle of the driveway etc.


Do you need planning permit to drill?

Other places I've lived / worked the state charges you per M3 of water you extract, even though you are not on the mains supply. Is this the case in the Philippines?


Any advice / comments / experience?




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