Avocados Early Season, Are We First?

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Hopefully all of us just enjoyed 2 months of the best mango season in years. I still get a few off the ground every morning, but the glut is over. Prices slowly back to normal...20 pesos...up to 90 in the off season.


Out of the blue Gina scored the first fruits of the year down at "illi illi" today, 50 pesos/kg, should drop over the next month. Just the small ones so far, but the neighbours have a few trees, not free like the mangos, but maybe 30-40 over the next month. All not quite ready just now.


Any recipes, submit here. 


Basic Avocado Shake: no milk, just mush it up best you can, used chopped or crushed ice and blend it up, or even mix by hand. Too sweeten you might add a few pieces of ripe/overipe banana, even honey or brown sugar, it depends, how sweet do you like it.


Are we first in the country? Or nah,,,down south you must have all that.


Ditto the Saba bananas, usually you have to boil them, right now they are so sweet you can just eat them or have a kind of banana shake......masarap.


"illi illi", is Ilocano, means market.



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