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Another 350 Kids Food Poisoning

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 ​How do they manage to stuff up cupcakes and ice candy?   :unsure:


350 pupils rushed to hospital due to suspected food poisoning



At least 350 elementary school students in Calamba were rushed to different hospitals on Friday (July 24) in the city after showing symptoms of possible food poisoning.


City Health Office chief, Dr. Dennis Labro, said the students of Real Elementary School felt dizzy and vomited after eating cupcakes and ice candy given to them during a story telling program.


Of the total number of students, 179 were brought and treated at the Calamba Medical Center.


As of posting time, most of them had been discharged and only three remained under observation at the hospital.


Before this, school principal Marivic Calderon related that there was a daylong activity on biodiversity and climate change for Grades I to Grade VI.


Around 11 a.m., the students were given cupcakes and ice candy for snacks. Moments later, the children vomited and complained of stomach ache.


City health officer, Dr. Adelino Labro, brought samples of the cupcakes to the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) in the nearby town of Los Banos and to the Bureau of Food and Drugs (BFAD) in Alabang, Muntinlupa.


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SAD. ..................SCARY......



as a parent of children, I worry every-time they go out , THEY KNOW NOT TO BUY STREET FOOD or

 accept food from strangers,

the best thing I can say about my children's school. IS THEY ALLOW NO BROUGHT IN FOOD for private events or small parties, how ever I recall at a Xmas party one was allowed to bring food ,small serving for ones self and they could share

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This is not the first time that innocent children become victims. I remember reading about a Chinese man who attacked a bunch of children with a knife. There have been other vicious crimes against children.

Here is what I read.

People who do this, ( usually men) are under severe stress from authority. They are subordinates to someone who treats them very badly. They are helpless to do anything about it so they take it out on someone who is also too helpless to do anything about it.

It usually is the innocent children.

This is the profile they give someone who commits a crime against helpless children.

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This is the profile they give someone who commits a crime against helpless children.



:rolleyes: In other Words a scum bag "BULLY"


JP :tiphat:

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