All Saints Day !

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The day began at 2am this morning ! :rolleyes: Picking up the brother in law and his wife from the Turbina

DLTB bus terminal. back to Los banos ,breakfast ( well instant Noodles ) Flowers and food etc etc taken to Cemetary on the way to Turbina. And its raining !!.

The little woman and me a week before all saints day was running around here and there buying flowers, and candles etc etc, picking up the flowers, then taking them to a woman who makes up displays ( and she did a good job !! ) and not forgetting the most important part of all saints day !! THE FOOD .

arrived at the Cemetary at 08.30 and its raining hard !

we had already arranged for 2 tents on our area so thats a good start ! then it was fixing tarpaulings etc

to keep the rain out.

Now then even though it was raining all day the place soon filled with people !

ok now to my point ! being from The UK All saints day is something that amazes me, there was a woman

in front of us no tent ,umbrella was a plastic bag, little woman lent hers. still it rained and stiil they came !

But the thing that amazes me is that there are young teenage boys sitting on the graves where a relative or relatives are buried ! whole Familes from young children to those older ones in wheelchairs ! we left at 6pm

and still they were going in !!

The Philippines and its people never cease to amaze me !!


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Being here in England Ems made a flower stand and a few candles and lit them here on the fire hearth, Funny thing is Ems always makes two , one for my mum she says ,

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