Laser Navig8R Full Hd Navsport 60Fps Pro

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Anyone in the know about this action camera as in compared to a gopro ?


Laser Navig8r Full HD NavSport 60FPS PRO Sports Cam with16GB SD Card
The Navig8r Sports Cam PRO is the big daddy of extreme sports cameras. Featuring Full High Definition at 60 frames per second (60fps), the Navig8r Sports Cam PRO records smoother video with true to life image clarity and detail. Why is this good? 60fps means more detail for slow motion playback, sharper freeze frames and blur free playback on even the most extreme sports.
The Navig8r Sports Cam PRO comes standard with a removable LCD screen (to view/review), a wireless remote control (so you only record what you want, when you want), an additional battery pack (just in case), a waterproof housing rated to 100 metres (great for divers) and an assortment of premium mounting accessories.
Unique to the Navig8r Sports Cam PRO is the built in laser pointer which allows you to aim the camera accurately, say when it's mounted on your helmet or on your bike. Compact, rugged, feature rich and easy to use, the Navig8r Sports Cam PRO is the perfect go anywhere camera.
Sports Camera PRO Full High Definition 1080P 60FPS with 100m Waterproof case w/ 16GB SD Card
Compact and Full High Definition 1080i 60fps for NTSC format or 50fps for PAL system Sports Camera.
Waterproof case submersible up to 100 metres.
5.0 Mega Pixel still image resolution.
Simple touch screen function for playback viewing.
Includes: camera, instruction manual, remote control, battery, mini CD and mountable accessories. 
Weight: 1.28kg.
Width: 6.67cm.
Height: 5.45cm.
Depth: 7.33cm.
Includes Bonus 16gb Micro SD Card
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