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Life As A 'kalahati' (Half) Ex-Pat


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but for most it will become tiresome and problematic.

I think it makes life a lot more exiting. Always the same gets boring after a while, and you don't appreciate things not enough anymore after a while because you got used to them.

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At least one client will be kept in Sweden from the business I have now before moving, but perhaps all can be handled through Internet


Are you going to pay taxes to Philippines on that income (reference your opinion on the other thread.)

:)   Yes, no problem if they let me deduct for the flight ticket costs when I meet the customer in Sweden  :lol:


(But more likely I will do the work when I visit Sweden and tax it there, because in the BEGINNING I plan to visit there around one month a year during the period when this work is done normaly anyway. In the future I guess I will visit Sweden more and more seldom, and then I will have to tax in Phils. Perhaps it will be "solved" by this customer quit having business, because he is fed up with Swedish tax people   :lol:    But I recomended he don't quit, just put it on hold, because otherwice he throw away some possibilities to pay less at his earnings.  When they said one thing he had done isn't allowed, then I changed so he will get much tax BACK, but he is fed up anyway by their bothering him much   :)


If Phil approve me as a BMBE owner  (not sure if they see it as I fullfil one of the demands) then the tax will be much LOWER IN PHILS anyway...

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