Giving This Christmas To Less Fortunate Kids ( Something We Can Do

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Coupled I guess with a couple of other topics today, Face, shame and stuff, I bought myself a gift over the last week or so, I bought a little Respect and a few Thank You's from my Wife's company, the Church and the Monsters School. All have a programme for the less Fortunate here as in Kids. :t07051:

So along with the Local Sori, Sori, we as a Family, decided that as we had a good year, the Surplus we could Give.

Not wishing to Muddy or take away anything from the other Topic I am just saying that I decided to buy some help for the Kids.

It is only bags of goodies, you know the sort of thing we had as a Stocking on the end of our Beds.

Please don't take this as a "How Good is Jack thing" it is something I can do and I have enjoyed it. All through the year I am one of those that can spout a story of the Nasty, begging little Blighters, always up to no good at times but I sat and thought HEY! I was a kid once, (Yeah OK  I know it can seem like I am still one)

So this Afternoon when my two Ladies return from Gift giving in the other areas with the Others that also gave, We will go down to the Shop and there we will have a party for the local kids in the Barangay Area we live in, ( About 60+ will be there.) [maybe more you never know with these things.] Anyway, here we are Christmas, a time for Giving & Receiving but we all know that we won't be receiving much. The looks and Thank You's ( Yes, we do get Thank You's) is enough. So the gift I would have bought myself, I have given to the Less Fortunate and those that would have had absolutely nothing. Just a time when they can say the Man in the Big House and the Shop owner are not all bad. OK, it may all go away tomorrow but for Today it Mattered ( To me anyway)

My way of being Part of the Community here. :cheersty:


Jack  :thumbsup:

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Please don't take this as a "How Good is Jack thing" it is something I can do and I have enjoyed it.


My take on this:  Jack is setting a good example of how money can buy happiness, for others as well as yourself.   Santa says  :santa_trumpet:   :hohoho_smiley:   :merrychristmas:

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Good on you Jack, its always good to give,

Now whats for me :28:

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