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Expat Wars Move To Youtube


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Also the odd looks (photo bomb) Henry at Life Beyond the Sea gets from the locals as he plows through crowds with his little cutie at a festival or market place with his 5 foot selfie stick. That's more entertaining to me than the fact that he "intellectualizes" simple common sense info about the Philippines-but I gotta admit-he's got lots of minions followers that play into this MO and it gives him an income stream so kudos for that angle he plays.

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i am face book friends with all the above.Brit has never said anything bad about the phil. He just said he made a mistake allowing jack's wife to know how much he had saved because she felt his money was hers. As far as nut case peter ;I think it is funny his and reeky's love affair.

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One video I watched last night he said there are no mosquitoes in the Philippines 


There may be something to that if you spend all your time on the beach.  I find very, very few mosquitoes in areas where there is a strong salt air.  Or maybe they just don't breed in salinated water.  Couldn't say.

Sunny and with breeze/wind beach?

Mosquitos don't like such  (except tiger mosquitos don't avoid sun).

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