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Tax Treaty For U.s. Citizens Who Work In Ph

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Does anyone know what the tax treaty is for U.S. citizens that work in the Philippines ?

I don't know what deal USA and Phils have. I haven't read any law, just what expats have said concerning USA demand tax at INTERESTS Americans LIVINGin Phils get.  (Sweden don't.)


I asked the Swedish tax office what's the "double tax deal" (=avoiding being double taxed) is with Phils. Perhaps US tax office has such information service for you too?

((IF the Swede is counted as living in Sweden (which we DON'T do - with some exceptions - if we live abroad more than 6 months per year, then Sweden interprete the deal interests and leasing incomes are taxed in Sweden, while royalty is taxed in Phils although max 15 % tax. If Phils tax the others anyway, then we can deduct the paid tax when Sweden count tax. Work is taxed in Phils if it's done there. If we live abroad more than 6 months per year and isn't any of the exceptions, then Sweden don't demand any tax from us.  Perhaps I will MAKE so I will fullfil one of the exception rules  :)  as long as tax of my type of income will be lower in Sweden.))

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Here is the complete text of the Tax treaty between US and Philippines, from the IRS site.




Its complicated

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