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A lot of people do not seem to take care of themselves and it does seem that many who move to the Philippines do not go to doctors or dentists unless they absolutely have to. I am posting this because of my earlier post about my friend Michael Langdon. Although we were not extremely close, I did like him and I am extremely upset that he is very ill and may not make it. Regular check ups are very important, do not scrimp when it comes to your health. I have been reading a lot in all the papers and on-line how important dental care is and I know that many people do not take care of themselves or their teeth. Here is just one article I found about just how important dental care is and what it might lead to if you do not take care of your teeth. are lucky enough to have a great dentist in Cebu on this forum and it would be nice if members from all over the Philippines would post their dentist name and contact info so members can take better care of themselves while in other parts of the Philippines.

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