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Why Does A Review Have To Cost So Much? Are There Good Alternatives?

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I like your nephew's persistance. :-) ;-)


   Talking about persistence: A cousin of ours has taken 7 years to get enough units of a normal 4 year civil engineering course in Bacolod. Then she did the review and failed the board exam. Then she did a second review and failed the board exam. She is now in her 3rd and final review. Only allowed 3 strikes. 


  The sister of our daughter's b/f took a 4 year business course, did the review and passed the board exam. Then she got married to a seaman who does not want her to work so she stays home with his mother.


that's called "Life"... sometimes it sucks.

Predicting an outcome of the future is mostly impossible, because "always" something unexpected happens. 

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