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I really enjoyed the years living in one and found that upkeep and repairs were few and quite inexpensive. Have a Look Here at some photos online for building ideas.


That is a strange link connected to  LMGTFY.  "Let Me Google That For You" . You are best just to use google image search and paste in the term ,"Photos Of Philippine Nipa Huts"




Yea, I've used that quite a bit in the past but will just post the link if that is what you would want me to do--not a problem.

One of the guys was unable to use or maybe connect with the link so just sent the page via a PM.




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Here is our Nipa hut well the wifes version anyway its more or less 75% made of left over building materials from our house construction, it currently rented at 1000 pesos a month to a student from the sisters college

the bedroom is in the Traditional part.the concrete part is the living area and kitchen with a door leading out to our outside CR the concrete walls are now painted white and there are windows that open.post-5099-0-41451400-1453976842_thumb.jp

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The steel frame was a suggestion because we are only a few kilometres from the sea in a typhoon area.


Alam ko. I understand. With a corrugated tin roof as in Robert K's reply. I would argue that it's no longer a "Nipa Hut" by definition. It's a cement and steel building with bamboo walls. Here up north, houses are constructed similar to that.


That is why I said " or houses". I can see benefits to both. The walls and roof support of the house I lived in were of bamboo and wood. With the large overhangs I saw no mold nor any signs that there ever was any mold and that building had been standing for more than a decade. The one I lived in was about 8 meters square and that alone I think would take it out of the Hut range. I think hut is just a catch all phrase for inexpensive native construction.

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Any members know any expert Nipa Hut builders in the Cebu region. The mrs and I have some beach front property near Bogo that we would like to build a Nipa Hut for weekend getaways.



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