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17 hours ago, fillipino_wannabe said:

Yeah heard about that quite a few times lol, before my time. Doubt we'll have the support you lot do, happy to be 5th in the prem though:wink:

It was mental, the FA were urged to move the fixture as soon as they were released as Leeds were hot favorites to get promoted. It was argued that the last game of the season away from home on a bank holiday, may lead to issues....................

Given Newcastle got a last minute winner in the penultimate game it mean't any 2 of 3 teams could win it and if Leeds won at Bournemouth they would go up as Champions. There was an allocation of around 2500-3000 tickets  for the away section and even as a member, i couldn't get one. Luckily I got a ticket from Gary Speed RIP in the home end, which was full of Leeds fans.

Depending on which paper you read there was 15-50K Leeds fans in Bournemouth over the weekend. I was living in London at the time and set off on the Saturday morning, there was 1000's of Leeds fans there on the Friday and the police couldn't cope with running battles all over the place. All the way down the M3 virtually every car was Leeds and all gesticulating for tickets. 

Bournemouth had  the good sense to put speakers outside the ground to broadcast the thousands locked out across the car park. I think virtually the whole ground was Leeds, at the end of the game fans streamed onto the pitch in their thousands from every stand. Sadly the violence continued on the Saturday night as the police closed the pubs and the pier was even set alight. 

In terms of fans, away from home, very few clubs can match Leeds numbers, possible Liverpool, Newcastle and some team from over the border. Last season we took 5K to Preston, last night they brought 288.....................

Back to your team, what a transformation has taken place with the new owners and what a job Eddie Howe has done. You won't finish 5th, but will stay up, an achievement in itself. 


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