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George Dewey High School - For Jake

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Well, it is only a memory of high school for Jake, but I will put it here in schools.  By chance I stopped in the former George Dewey High School today and took some pics.  This was a high school on the Subic Bay Navy Base.  I posted some pics a few years ago and it seems like the abandoned section has gone downhill even more.  Back then, the abandoned section was all green with overgrowth and I did not venture in there.  Now that it is dry it looks like they cleared out some of the dried up brush, uncovering all the decay and filth.  Sad to see what was probably a very nice facility neglected like this.

I can't remember if this landmark was here before, but it has a fresh coat of paint.  I couldn't get a good shot of the plaque due to the sun.



A company called ASI occupies part of the old school and is very well maintained.




This is where they company ends, on the left, and total decay begins, on the right.


Looking down the parking lot to the abandoned portion of the school.




Looking down a hallway to the ASI property.


Looking down the hallway the other way towards the gym.


This looks like an old lunch area.


Outside the gym bathrooms, where I'm sure Jake spent many hours.  I did not see the door for the bathroom he frequented the most.


A look inside the gym.  It is full of dried mud.  Perhaps this was part of the damage from the volcano?


A view from the gym to another building that appeared to be a restaurant at some time.




Jake ate well and had time for putting his homework on the walls!


I love these huge Acacia trees!


My girls waiting in the car!




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What a shame .... I have lots of pictures I downloaded from the net of the base in it's hay day .... never had the privilege of visiting or serving there .... thanks for the pictures and narration .... :AddEmoticons04230:


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Hey Jake!  I recall us chatting about your old high school but I can't see that you read this old post back in 2016.

I have an update!  The Manila Times College is renovating the school and it is supposed to open next year.  I drive by once in a while to see how they are doing.  Making some progress and it appears they are even going to fix up the gymnasium! 

They currently have a small campus up in Cubi and it will be moved to the old George Dewey site.  It should be fairly good sized.  We are hopeful that the tuition will be reasonable as our daughter, now in 10th grade, will need a new school.  Her current school does not offer grade 11 and 12.

Not much to take pictures of yet but when they are further along I will get some.

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