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Do any of you feed the neighborhood cats back in the Philippines?

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13 minutes ago, Gratefuled said:

Yes, a waste of good food.  Did ja ever  wonder why everything  one  eats turns to poop.

Did you ever read the Joke about who is in charge of the Body? :shades:

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I was told by a local that the reason they don't eat the cats is that the meat is green and they taste like rat.  Means to me that they have tried cats and rats at some point.

Most cats in the Philippines look neglected but around our neighborhood most look good because my neighbor is a cat person and any cat that can sneak onto her porch can have commercial cat food twice

We are cat people, always have been. During my walks I continually find abandoned kittens all over town. Luckily we have some street people who live near us who also love cats. I collect up the kitten

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Yeah, we have three cats that we feed outside the gate twice a day, once in the morning once a night. Been doing if for more than five years. They wait for me to come out. I find that I have to stay there with them or the dogs will chase them away and eat the cat food. I also keep fresh water out there for all the animals. And yes, we feed the dogs too if they look hungry.

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