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Age of Consent Laws?

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I am planning on eventually visiting the Philippines, but prior to me going there I want to find out about AoC laws in that country?

I do have some Filipina friends that are between the ages of 16 - 32, but what are the laws as it pertains to meeting them in person, especially if my younger friends wanted to meet?  I don't think anything is going to happen between us, but stranger things have happened, just never to me.

I've tried searching online, but am not having much luck, so I decided to search for expat sites, which brings me here.

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1 hour ago, Jake said:

Hey Bruce,

Do you have any friends in that age group with no teeth?

Why yes I do! and a few snaggle tooth friends as well.... I still have not gotten used to the looks of shock when I take my old friends or the street kids for something to eat. I know that the Philippines is not supposed to have a caste system like India, but I often feel, by the stares from better off Pinoys, that I am in the company of a punch of lepers!

It had been raining a lot the past week, and when I pull into Jollibee, the street kids come running because they know while in my company the 'enforcers' will not say anything to them. As usual one of the kids will produce a piece of cardboard to cover my seat while I am in the restaurant. Well, 2 days ago it was 14 kids surrounding me. I know this because I bought 14 ice creams at 11p each.... well there was a woman with her family coming out and she ran over and started yelling at the boys to get away from me. They yelled back that I was their friend which she did not believe until she asked me. She was satisfied I was not in danger, so she left.  

Speaking of people with dental issues, here is one for you... If you would like I will get you the number, but you will have to 'send a (smart) load' if you want a reply.... Enjoy! :hystery:


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When i was first involved with the Philippines and seeing all the very pretty younger ladies,i did get carried away and that was just on line , so all i can add to this is what would you do if some older person was sniffing around your daughter or maybe your grand daughter , it dont sound right does it, just a thought

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