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On 2/15/2017 at 0:04 PM, jpbago said:

Be careful of the women there as they may take more than your money:

Malaysian officials said Tuesday that Kim Jong Nam died en route to hospital after being approached by two female assassins at the Kuala Lumpur airport.


Just don't cross the little fat NK boy with the bad haircut, and will be just fine.  Really wish the Chinese would dispose of the turd. 

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Sorry to hear of your predicament RBM. I guess you must feel it very serious to contemplate moving to another country. Better safe than sorry.

We visited Georgetown about four years back. Both myself and my good lady (a Filipina) thought it a wonderful place. We were living in Thailand at the time and wanted a change of scenery. Thailand had lost its appeal and we were looking for a place that would be suitable for us. That part of Malaysia ticked many of our boxes. It would certainly be a place I would consider.

We both found it a very friendly, pleasant and charming place. We wandered around at all hours of the day and night and never once felt unsafe. The variety of food on offer was exceptional and very reasonably priced. We didn't look too deeply into costs of housing or living but I seem to remember that they too seemed reasonable. English was widely spoken and there also seemed to be a large expat community.

As it turned out we settled here in CDO as she inherited a farm which has rather altered our plans somewhat. But Penang would certainly be on my shortlist.


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On 2/15/2017 at 8:23 AM, RBM said:

Due to a recent simple spat with a neighbour I maybe having to relocate. It's so silly it's over the line of ridiculous, just a reason never argue with a well connected rich filipino regardless.

Anyway maybe good for a separate thread, considering George Town Malaysia, wonder whom has been there and comments. Although have limited travel in Malaysia Penang was never on list and would love hear comments.

Malaysia is very visa friendly and from Internet search appears less expensive in general than Philippines. Has the climate I require and Cameron Highlands seem tempting. Further the attraction of Thai foods and entertainment seem very encouraging.

Any comments from visitor there would be nice to read.






I have heard good reports about Malaysia and quite a few are leaing Thailand to go there.  See Dave has someone who can relate first hand to where you are looking, so that is a bonus for you.  I have only been to Penang/KL and many years ago, did not do a lot of me.  

My only concerns would be going to a Muslim country, given the state of the world, but a personal choice.

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