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Queenie O.

Orchids in my garden

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On 5/17/2017 at 5:49 AM, Queenie O. said:

When we first moved in here, I put the word out in the neighborhood that I was looking to buy orchid plants to add to my future dream garden.


In case you are still looking (or anyone else too) is looking for orchids as well as other types of plants I found a few vendors along the Cebu Transcentral Hwy that have a large and varied selection. Of course YMMV.

Recently while traveling back from Moalboal (due to construction delays on the south coastal road I took the "long way") we came across about a dozen or so plant vendors along the road. A couple of them had very nice selections of orchids. Prices seemed reasonable (not sure if long nose tax was added) - from around 200 pesos to around 1,500 - 1,800 for the older, large and well established orchids. 

Sorry, no photos as it was getting dark and it was raining a bit - plus I just didn't think of taking any. But I did note the distance from Cebu City - heading away from Cebu City they are located about 14.5km from the intersection of Salinas Dr.


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