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Volunteering in the Philippines.

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14 hours ago, keithatela said:

Hi there Eddie

My name is Keith Wakefield, I am from England, Exmouth Devon to be precise. I have been here in Tacloban Leyte for 10 years now. I am the regional director for a UK/Filipino charity for Region VIII, which is Leyte and Samar. The name of the Charity is DERRT ( Disaster Emergency Response and Relief Team) xxxxxxxxxx -       We are always looking for Volunteers and it would be good if you could organise a team in your area or give us your support any way you can. Let me know what you think. My email is xxxxxx

Do you assist with Visas since even volunteering on a Tourist Visa is considered work and is illegal?

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It's easier to ask forgiveness then permission.

so just go and help wherever you see the need

i have so don't worry about it

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