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Who are your friends?


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12 hours ago, Tukaram (Tim) said:

I have a friend that went back to Texas mostly because he missed hanging out with his friends and having good beer.

That's funny but it reminds me of a Filipino whose wife was a RN in California. The guy was petitioned by his wife and he got a part time job thru an employment agency and worked at our company as a gardner. He would tell us that he is bored in the states.......... ( sound familiar). We said there are lots of things to do here. He said he missed his friends back in the Philippines that he would drink beer with. We said that he could make friends here and drink beer with them. He quit after a couple of months on the jab and we assume he went back to the Philippines. So, it seems that it works both ways except that there are a lot more things one can do in the states and more people to do things with like friends and relatives. 

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