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24 minutes ago, scott h said:

checks are useful if you are building a new home or other big projects here, onse you establish credit with a supplier its a lot better than carrying loads of cash.

Yeah Scott, we overcome this with bank cheque, I think it was 250 Paso's per cheque, Landbank has a limit of 50000 Paso's at an ATM. Beats paying cheque account fees. :thumbsup:

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On 3/18/2018 at 2:13 AM, Maxheadspace said:

You write checks?  What are checks?!?  :shades:  Too funny, I think I have some adjustment to do.  I haven't even owned a checkbook in maybe six or seven years.

I often see condos or houses for rent requiring post dated checks for the duration of the lease here in the Philippines.

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