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"Research" Ships

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We have had 3 identical U.S. Navy "research" ships in port for over a week.  The USNS Mary Sears and USNS Henson arrive about 10 days ago, and the USNS Henson arrived a few days later.  I saw some sailors around during the holidays that I assumed were enjoying the holiday here.  The gray support ship (didn't get the name) has been here 3 + weeks and must be getting repairs.  A couple of weeks ago we saw 6 or 7 Americans from a U.S instrument company at BK.  I'm guessing they are part of the team working on it.

My wife said let's go for a drive this evening, and we got over to the airport area just as the sun was setting.  I was able to get some pics of the ships with the last rays of sun.

From left to right in the first picture, Mary Sears, Henson, Bowditch.  Unknown ship on the left in pic 2.

P1000451_(2).JPG  P1000445_(2).JPG

Sunset over the inlet of the bay.

P1000454 (2).JPG  P1000455 (2).JPG


P1000462 (2).JPG


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