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USS Bremerton Visits Subic Bay On Final Tour

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18 hours ago, intrepid said:

Seems to me he they were a little hard on them him.  Since these submarines work in the dark depths most of the time, maybe the commander just wanted to practice docking his submarine,.... 10 times before going out again.   As you can never practice too much and practice makes perfect, I suspect he was just honing is skills so he could rise to the occasion.  You know, to become your best, you need to be testing your limits and expanding your horizons.  :6:

Hmm.......Officer Danny.  Is that how you write your after shift reports?  I like it!  Triple LIKE!  

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This is a Collins class submarine of the Royal Australian Navy.  I am proud to be associate with my fellow "brothers in crime".  However, I'm a little jealous about how they pull into port with their "flag" up.  Whatever that vertical appendage is on the bow, it apparently attracts all the good looking babes in Olongapo.  Leaving us (US sailors) with fugly leftovers.  Gotta love them Aussies!  

boner check.PNG Even their submarine is a horn dog......he, he.

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