Its the little things that annoy

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When something happens in our lives and its a major thing we stick together and we say never mind we will get through this, but when a little thing happens , its all out war for a while.

Take this week in my life with Emma, yes many may have known that the weather here in England has been a little different and the other evening when i picked her up from work i seemed to have lost my phone in the car.

While sitting outside the house in a gale force snow storm we started to look for the phone , could i find it NO, you go in the house Emma i said so off she went , the next minute i am looking around the seats and look up , and there she is standing in the doorway , the door wide open the blizzard blowing into the house the heat from the house coming out and she is shouting "have you found it", SHUT THE DOOR AND GO IN" or something like that i shouted back.

The next thing later she comes down stairs in her shorts and tee shirt and says its cold , here is me walking around the house in all my cloths and still have my hat on my head, i think my look said it all, yes dont get me wrong seeing nice tanned legs and even a flash of skin make me feel warm inside but somehow it did not make Emma feel warm.

This morning its still minus 3 outside when i went out to clear the cars window screen and to get the car warm to take her to work, she comes out no hat no coat just a small jacket and gets into the car, Where is your coat i asked , " i dont need it you are taking me to work she says.

I can guarantee over the next few days the stupid flu card will be shown and she will be in bed 23 hours and the other hour being pathetic, now if she had the man vision of flu i could understand.:mocking:

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