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On 3/8/2018 at 8:16 PM, Dave Hounddriver said:

One of the biggest obstacles may be obtaining a letter of consent from her parents if she is under 25.  And even trying to marry a 25 year old I was told by the municipal official that they would still need that.  Fortunately, I have so far dodged that bullet as my enthusiasm for getting married cools as time goes on.  Perhaps that is the intent of all the requirements.  As the saying goes; Marry in haste, repent at leisure.

I was going to mention this first and foremost. Few people discuss this rule. There is one for under 25, under 23, and under 21 if I recall. My wife was young when we married, and her parents could not come from province. They have never left their dike. They know what planes are, but the idea of being on one was something they could not fathom. We had to get them to write a letter and notarize it. Which was the hardest thing they ever did. Then we had to have our neighbor legally adopt my finacee so she can come and testify that she gives consent to for us to get married.

The whole thing cost us about 3 bucks. So no one tried to rip us off. But the process took a good 3 months. Thank God I was living in the Philippines at the time, or it would have been impossible!

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