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Philippine Airlines - A Small Rant!

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1 hour ago, stevewool said:

Just trying to book ours for Venice it’s taken me a couple of weeks to get the flights ,accomadation plus car hire as we are driving to Austria, and yes I am nearly there well sort of.

Steve , take a look at Jacks flight club

They get amaizing deals for flights

Back on the subject  , i preferr to use PAL because of the journey times i can get to davao in 19 hours , as im still working the flight times are excellent, i get the 22.30 flight from london which means i can leave after a days work , get to heathrow on the 13 hour flight i can sleep for about 8 hours , so i stay awake for the first 4 then sleep. 

I could have got the flight to davao about 100 quid chraper through singapore but they do a 16 days later return , im maxed at a 14 day return 

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Posted (edited)

BTW, PAL, the subject of my rant :smile:, extended the 78th anniversary sale for another week until the 17th.

All the base fares end in 78.  The Manila - Auckland base was $578 + other stuff = $694.  You won't find the best fares on busy dates, so you have to hunt the dates a bit.  We are leaving on the 12th of Dec and returning on Jan 7th.  That was the closest to Xmas that we could find the low fare, but other dates were just a bit higher, like +30.

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