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Hello Guys! How have 


have you been? I am back from the  Philippines. I might have found a partner to come join me on this venture. Although he does not live  there, he has experience with hostels in other Asian countries. But I am putting together a budget now and was hoping that you could help me with a rough estimate per month on a few expenses: energy,water and garbage disposal fees and home insurance. The rest I will manage to find online. It is probably different in the areas, but I am looking for rough numbers so I can get an idea. Thank you in advance! V


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A bit off topic, and Subic is not a surfing area, but here is a brand new hostel in Subic.  Japanese capsule style.


They have only been open a short time and have started the 2nd wing.  The first wing is big and the second wing is about the same.  I don't know who is going to support this type of place and the location is lame, right next to Baypointe Hospital.

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