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Choosing a place to live (expat)

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19 hours ago, Capa said:

However, on the main roads I have witnessed 3 fatalities in the past 2 months on those horrible looking things! Something you really do not want to see! I also see them riding at night with no lights or reflectors. Suicidal !


It's not only gated subdivisions (although they're common there), it's also smaller cities where they're the main form of public transport (except for the even slower pedal cabs), I don't know about you but I'm not going to walk 8 kilometres from the airport to the house.  And yes I'd rather travel around in the Avanza but sometimes, depending upon where I am it's simply not an option. 


Besides how is it less safe than riding a motorbike?  And I've been doing that for almost 50 years both in Australia and in the Philippines.


The one pictured below belongs to the father of my Godson and I helped them to get the franchise a while back, and another family member has one also so maybe I'm a bit more familiar with the details of them than you are.


NB the oversize truck style rear vision mirrors and the 7 inch head light (and yes it works).

(I edited over my name on the top board which they put there because I helped them get the franchise)




Motocab 2.jpg

Motocab edit.jpg

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extra information and typo correction
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Have you checked out La Union? Caba, Bauang, San Fernando, San Juan, Bacnotan ? Close to Baguio, many Beach resorts, country/province living.

Two Expats and their families just moved into the area from Subic claiming rental prices there are skyrocketing.  


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I haven’t heard about these yet, but that sounds like places I could like a lot. I will put them on my list of places to see. 


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13 hours ago, Capa said:

On one of those, in any collision you will surely be dead! Avoid!

Crossing the road on foot is about the same risk. :89:

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