Investments to ensure wife has quality of life after death

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A younger Expat friend of mine died here from an unexpected accident which prompted me to meet with a BPI financial advisor today for over 3 hours and discuss my situation in the event of death.

The wife is set for life in the event of my death but I just wanted to see if anything new is available. The BPI Financial Advisor suggested the BPI Life Insurance Policies available to Expats. She gave me some proposals and I plan on reading all the fine print. They seem to be much better than policies suggested to me by the PRA.

I mentioned High risk Equity funds for the wife and she agreed stating they would be the best however my research on each using Bloomberg Charts reveals only 1 from all institutions, the BPI Catholic Values Global Equity Feeder Fund was worth investing in. All the others had negative return. 

My conclusion, "titled" land remains the best investment/return in the Philippines. Any thoughts?



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I would be caughtous investing in any financial institution in the Philippines. Many of them are here today gone tomorrow. My wife lost 100k+ a couple of years ago when Danvil went awol.

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