Later only will just not Do!

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:ohmy: Our 19 year old daughter living in University Dorms in Cebu has just found out ( well 11pm last night) that they cut you off (Internet) if not paid on time, This meant Dad Peter with a cheesy grin.jpg had to make a dash to Robinsons PLDT office to pay here account this morning, That's OK but now she learns again that Later will not do when I told her OH! Later only Princess, it will be 12 hours to reset of course she was not amused But We hope it will become clear, a due date IS a due date:wink: I smile only because it seems to be the only way they will learn, Want an easier and stressless life, get your priorities right:thumbsup: but don't we still LUV EM :smile:


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Spelling AGAIN
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