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1 hour ago, Onemore52 said:

I served 15 years in the Royal Australian Navy,


SRRV EXPANDED COURTESY. For foreign nationals, 50 years old & above, who are retired Armed Force officers of foreign countries with existing military ties and/or agreement with the Philippine Government A monthly pension of at least US$1,000.00 and an SRR Visa deposit of US$1,500.00 are required.


I believe the monthly pension can be from all sources, not just military pension and a lifetime retirement visa for a deposit of US$1,500 is about as good as it gets.  Also, it says "officer" but NCOs count.  Here is the link if you want to look into it


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3 hours ago, Dave Hounddriver said:

But perhaps @Jack Peterson could give us the pros and cons on that.  Perhaps the PRA do not recognize the Brits and Aussies?

 Oh we are recognised BUT the US are Given Preference

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