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Accident Scene Callousness

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On 10/10/2018 at 4:05 AM, Mick said:

Reminds of my time in Nigeria, bodies just stay on the street, and there's lots of them, until they almost pop, then they put tyres and burn them, if you touch them, it's your responsibility to Bury them, we had one outside our compound, it was eaten by dogs, and eventually crushed in to the tarmac by traffic, horrendous 

I was in Nigeria  just after they had  a coup , bodies were piled up by the road side all bloated abd the stink was awful 

I was told back then ,never touch a person who has been im an accident ,it means thst you are assuming responsibility fir their welfare 

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One of the less attractive aspects of Filipino culture... and a so-called 'Christian' country. :sad: 

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