U.S. Navy Vet Killed in Subic Bay

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RIP to one of our great veterans!

With all due respect, it would initially appear that he was engaging in risky behavior that led to his demise.

SBMA Statement on the Almazan Case

A tragic incident happened over the weekend at a housing area here in the Subic Bay Freeport.

Sonny Almazan, said to be a 69-year old US Navy retiree from Zambales, was found dead early Monday (October 8th inside his quarters at Binictican Heights. He was apparently beaten to death with a golf club that was found bloodstained inside his bedroom.

Investigators, however, found no signs of forcible entry at the crime scene. There is a theory now that Almazan could have been killed by persons who had been invited as guests into his house.

Initial information obtained by the Investigation Division of the Law Enforcement Department of the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA-LED) indicated that Almazan was last seen alive in the company of two females when he arrived in his quarters at about 10:00 pm last Sunday.

According to Almazan’s driver Renato Barbadillo, he went with his employer to the Breadtime bakery near the Ayala Mall in the Subic Freeport between 7:00 and 8:00 pm last Sunday. There, Almazan instructed him to fetch two female friends at Kalaklan Gate.

Barbadillo proceeded to the gate aboard Almazan’s Toyota Fortuner SUV, waited for Almazan’s friends at the parking lot, then brought them to Almazan at Breadtime bakery. Thereupon Almazan asked Barbadillo to go home.

The following day, Barbadillo reported for work at Almazan’s quarters in Binictican and after failing to get some response after pressing the doorbell three times, decided to enter the house through the front door that he found unlocked.

But once inside, Barbadillo reportedly observed bloodstains on the floor leading to Almazan’s bedroom and more on the floor and walls inside the bedroom, leading him to seek the help of neighbors to call the SBMA Police for assistance.

SBMA investigators said Almazan sustained head injuries caused by a blunt instrument. They also noticed bloody footprints on the bedroom floor, a golf club and a metal cane with bloodstains, and broken liquor bottles.

Almazan’s cellular phone and a sling bag believed to contain cash were reportedly missing.

During investigation, Barbadillo confirmed that the two females caught on CCTV footages at Kalaklan Gate at about 9:25 pm were the same persons that he had fetched at the instruction of the victim.

He further told the police that one of the females who visited Almazan, the one with a tattoo on her right thigh, had been in the company of his employer for about three or four times previously.

Meanwhile, CCTV footages also revealed that Almazan’s Toyota vehicle entered Binictican housing at 9:47 pm. This tallied with the account of a witness that Almazan arrived in his quarters with two female companions at 10:00 pm that Sunday night.

The SBMA-LED said the investigation of Almazan’s death has been assumed by the Philippine National Police office in Morong, Bataan, which has territorial jurisdiction over the Binictican area.

In light of this, we condole with the family of the victim and commit the assistance of the SBMA Law Enforcement Department to help in the investigation by the Morong Police Office so that the perpetrators of this crime might be arrested and put to justice. ###

SBMA Chairman and Administrator
09 October 2018

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1 hour ago, OnMyWay said:

so that the perpetrators of this crime might be arrested and put to justice

Might just about sums it up. 

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