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Advice on where to live.

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I think something must have gone wrong with the works somehow. I know that I replied to HK but I still keep getting a post from Jack Peterson. I thought I had replied to Jack but if I didn't then I apologize and I thank you for the 'welcome' beach. 

By social clubs I mean golf,  bowls or footy clubs. The place where someone can sit and relax over a cold amber glass and talk rubbish. Speaking of which, does the State of Origin get televised in the Philippines? In fact, does anyone over there know what the State of Origin is? This could be a game buster. 

So far, I've worked out that there are four places that I would like to have a look at when I come over. I figure to base myself in Dumaguete and spend possibly 3 or 4 weeks there having a look around. Thanks to you guys I finally think I'm getting somewhere.

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