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Tenancy Agreement

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4 hours ago, Snowy79 said:

does the agreement have to be signed in the presence of an attorney to make it legal? 

First house I rented I signed a lease sitting in the living room of the rented house.  The landlady went to an attorney to have it "notarized" and brought me back a "notarized" copy.  I ended up breaking the lease due to break-ins at the house and I had to move while I still had stuff left that was not stolen.  The landlady said she understood and even gave me the deposit back. (Not all horror stories here.)

A bachelor pad I rented 4 years back was owned by an attorney who drew up the lease.  I signed it, read it, and left after one month without paying the power bill.  The lease said the deposit was to be used first on any unpaid utilities and then on any damage and the remainder returned to me.  I made sure the power bill was about equal to the security deposit.  No harm, no foul.  I have even recommended other expats to stay there and the caretake smiles and says hello when I stop by.  Again, no horror story here.

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9 hours ago, Rooster said:

Where do you see that? This is what I'm seeing. Then read 1687

Art. 1643. In the lease of things, one of the parties binds himself to give to another the enjoyment or use of a thing for a price certain, and for a period which may be definite or indefinite. However, no lease for more than ninety-nine years shall be valid.


I seriously need to get my eyes tested. :thumbsup:

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