Hmmmmmmmmm! lets Blame this weather!

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:hystery: Just walked the Dog and on my Return, I noticed our little bedside Clock had stopped so I changed the Battery and reset the time ( or I thought I had) being a Brit we are used to  Day, Month and year not as it is here the month and then day  so I reset to 10.31 :hystery: a few mins ago I realized what I had done YEP! set it to month ( 10.31) and day and not 1102 as it was. easy to see how when you think we all use the PC for the time.

This so changeable weather and the heat that we have now is just frying my Brain, Had I had a couple of  beer sori sori.jpg OK but I have not so please excuse me if I Blame the Weather :unsure:

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After 20 years in the navy it was hard to stop using 31oct18. Old habites die hard.

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