Air Purifiers - Any Experiences?

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I'm shopping for a good air purifier for our bedroom and if it works well, maybe for other rooms.  My 2 kids and I are asthmatic and easily impacted by allergans.  Unfortunately, I think we have a mold problem in a few areas too.  They are outside the house but there may be mold spores around too.  I will work on longer term solutions to that but for now, cleaning the air seems like a good idea.  If it works.

I have looked online and found a few that seem do a very good job.   Abenson carries the Smart brand with Plasmacluster technology.  They have very good reviews on Amazon.  I was wondering if anyone has experiences with higher end air purifiers.

Like this.  p10,995 at Abenson online.

Attached are two product brochures:




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