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There has been so much written over the years regarding the legal and not so legal way in which a foreigner can control land.

So accordingly I am throwing more confusion on the discussion by posting a link which was sent to me.

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Well, that is one man's opinion.  I prefer to go with Duterte's list that I linked to a while back where the new Foreign Negative List says:



Aside from contracts for locally funded public works, foreigners may also hold up to 40 percent equity in the following areas:

1. Exploration, development, and utilization of natural resources
2. Ownership of private lands


. .  . etc . .  is a long list


Here's the link for those who missed it the first time.

So it seems Duterte does not believe that a corporation with only 40% foreign ownership that owns private lands violates the anti-dummy act.  But Duterte is not the supreme court so it's still a grey area, in my opinion.

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