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Very sick wife

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15 hours ago, Peaceful John said:

MAC.......Thanks for sharing part of your life with us, even as painful as it must be for you.  I know personally it will be hard for you to completely move on until you know there's a wooden stake through this blood suckers heart, but trust me, karma is alive and well in her world.  Ignore the cold heartless comments, and know you've got a lot of friends and supporters here who wish and want the best for you.  Time is the ultimate healer and I assure you there's a great lady and partner waiting for you......just be patient my friend.  Good luck to you MAC and please keep us posted on your progress....... Most of us are always here...... day by day...... Peace to you and God Bless.

Thanks for your kindness. I am in process of driving that wooden stake. It is going to be a long arduous process I can see already but, might be that jail time is awaiting her...down the road so hopefully, she cannot do this to anyone else.

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1 hour ago, bigmac said:

, she cannot do this to anyone else.

Do you think it’s just her that is behind all this, could she have been forced to do this by the family or friends at first , then once into it ,it’s become the norm.

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