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No vegetables?

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My stepson is now 18. He has grown 2 inches since 2016 and is now 5' 7". His mother feed shim plenty of veggies. I don't even eat that many. Starts in the morning for breakfast. Ampalaya, squash, green beans and some that I don't even know. Yes, rice at every meal and fish, chicken and sometimes pork. The boy has a really good appetite. I only eat twice a day. 

I cannot speak for other families but I know wife and stepson eat good. Me, not so good but I have a hard time eating here in the Philippines. One reason that I do not spend all year here. Just here for the holidays.

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My wife's family often eat fruit. They almost always have banana's in the house and eat other fruits in season. They have orange and pomelo tree's in their yard. They often cook pechay, sayote tops, etc. They cook pancit with carrots, green beans, etc.

Now our daughter at 11 months old is tall for her age. Her height is at 96% for her age. i.e. taller than 95 out of 100 babies her age. But this is all genetics, though now that she is eating solid food we try to feed her healthy. She must be getting her height from my mother's side of the family and my wife's father's side of the family. My wife has an uncle on her fathers side that is 6'2" though my wife is 4'9" though she claims 5'. ;)

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On 12/22/2018 at 11:07 AM, JJReyes said:

It is okay to consume vegetables in the Philippines so long as it is not raw or fresh. 

I've noticed that. Vegetables are all cooked and in a bowl right next to the raw fish/shellfish. :89:

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