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MXQ Pro Android TV Box Review

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Follow up on this post from Ed's Netflix topic.  See below....

On 1/9/2019 at 12:33 PM, OnMyWay said:

In my previous post I mentioned Smart TVs that have become dumb over time.  There is a solution that also might make your newer Smart TV even Smarter.

Last week when we went to Baguio, my BIL had purchased an Android TV box for his formerly Smart Samsung, and it works great!

If you are buying a new Smart TV, look at those built with Android operating systems.  This allows you to download and use all the Android apps that are out there.

This little Android TV box allows your TV to act like an Android Device.  You plug it into the USB port of the TV and connect the box to your internet.

I bought this one and it just arrived.  I haven't hooked it up yet but I will review it after I do.  For Ed's purposes, there are several streaming service apps pre-installed, and you can download others.  My BIL got 2 free months of Netflix from one, and when it ran out, he started Netlflix for free on another app.  I guess some of these apps have partnerships with Netflix.


I finally installed this MXQ Pro Android TV Box on our older TV, a 6 year old LG which is not so smart anymore.

It was easy to install.  You need an HDMI port free and a power outlet nearby.  I connected to the internet via wireless but it has a wired port too.  The one I bought comes with a regular remote control and as an add-on, a little keyboard remote control.  The little keyboard can be used with any TV that has a USB.

Switch your TV to the correct source and turn the box on;  it takes about 10-15 seconds to boot up.  We have only tried the one movie app that was pre-installed and so far we like it a lot.  It is called My Family Cinema and it has hundreds of streaming movies.  My BIL insists his came with a 2 year free trial!  Ours appears to be 2 months.  It even has Netflix content.  So far, the quality of the movies has been excellent, even though this 6 year old LG does not have the resolution that the new TVs have.  If you want to pay for the My Family Cinema, it seems relatively cheap.  I don't understand how they legally have all this content.  Another good thing is that almost everything has good sub-titles if you want them.


The only problem is that the LG has very weak sound, so I might get a sound bar for it.

You can download other Android movie apps and all types of apps.  If I get some good ones, I will post a review.  So far, I think this box is great and a bargain.  I paid p1578 with the little keyboard but you can get it for less by itself.  Make sure you get Android 7.1.  They had the box only with old Android at a gadget store in the mall, for p2295, so Lazada has better deals.

Here are some pictures.

Box                                                                                                  Little Keyboard

20190115_102149 (2).jpg  20190115_102129 (2).jpg

Box Main Screen                                                                        My Family Cinema App

20190115_101120 (2).jpg  20190115_101330 (2).jpg

My Family Cinema - Movies - In Theater                               My Family Cinema - Movies - Frequent Use

20190115_101437 (2).jpg  20190115_102007 (2).jpg

My Family Cinema - Movies Menu                  By Genre

20190115_102030 (2).jpg  20190115_102059 (2).jpg





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Thanks for sharing with us. 😎

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Follow up:

There were a few weeks where the unit was freezing enough to be bothersome.  Had to unplug it to restart it and then OK again.  I was thinking about un-recommending it for this reason, but now it has not done this for a month.  It may have downloaded an update that fixed it.

We are nearing the end of our 2 month free trial for My Family Cinema and we like it a lot, so we are thinking about subscribing for $3.49 a month.  It is better than Netflix for less money.

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